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Children's Dentistry In Coon Rapids, MN

Children who see a dentist early have a greater likelihood of growing up with a healthy, beautiful smile. At Foley and Ramsey Dental Center, we help kids prepare for a lifetime of good dental hygiene through preventive services that aim to build strong, healthy teeth for a long-lasting smile.

Why Bring Your Children to the Dentist?

While baby teeth are not permanent, these primary teeth are extremely important for the correct development of essential functions we take for granted as adults, such as speaking and eating. Primary teeth widen the jaw and allow proper bone growth, preparing the arch for future permanent teeth.

Bringing children into our office as soon as the first tooth erupts allows our Coon Rapids dentists to closely monitor their dental growth and prepare for a range of potential outcomes, such as overcrowding, over or underbites, and even spaces between permanent teeth. The earlier patients visit our pediatric dentists in Coon Rapids, the sooner we can address these potential issues with proactive dental or orthodontic care.

Your Anoka County Dentist for Kids

At Foley and Ramsey Dental Group, Dr. Richard Battaglia and his staff offer services tailored to ensure the long-term health of developing smiles. Dental problems such as cavities, advanced decay, and bite misalignment may affect the development of children’s teeth, which is why taking a proactive approach to solving these problems before they can become severe can be very important to children’s overall health. Our services include:

Introducing children to the dental field early in life alleviates anxiety before it can occur. Your child’s first visit to our office is the initial exam, where we take x-rays and check the current state of their teeth.

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Dental care is important to a person’s overall wellness, and starting early can prevent many issues from occurring in future.

For more information about dental services for kids or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Battaglia, Dr. Phillips, or Dr. Hsu, call Foley and Ramsey Dental Group. We welcome children to either of our locations in Coon Rapids or Ramsey, MN.

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